Jeana Goosmann, Founder & CEO of Goosmann Law — Ready, Execute, Deliver

This podcast shares the habits and practices of peak performers and top leaders, from many walks of life; physicians, senior executives, entrepreneurs, and academics. And from every season, from the seasoned and sage to those emerging leaders and rising rock stars. All who are blazing trails and shining a light for others.

Jeana Goosmann is a lawyer and entrepreneur who founded Goosmann Law, one of the nation’s fastest-growing law firms, and she has her sights set on dominating the Midwest. Her first book, Be Worth It,  will be released at the upcoming conference of the same name in August.

Her firm focuses on business law. They call themselves the CEO’s lawyer. As such, it’s crucial that Jeana be intimate with the nitty-gritty details of a CEO’s day-to-day. To stay sharp, she…