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Resilience in Leadership:
The Pursuit of Well-Being and Flourishing in Individual and Organizational Leadership

Resilience is defined as the ability to recover from setbacks, adapt well to change, and keep going in the face of adversity. The demands facing high achieving professionals and the prevalence of burnout in our society are a compelling call to action for leaders to examine the research around resilience and well-being, and consider the habits and practices that can drive individual and organizational performance.

This course provides participants with an action plan and practical resources to deepen their understanding and application of resilience and personal and professional well-being, which drive greater personal and organizational performance.

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Leading Self: Strengths Based Leadership

In this course on strengths-based leadership, participants will discover the transformative power of leveraging individual and team strengths for organizational success.

Through practical experience share and a review of best practice workplace research, participants will learn how to identify and harness their unique strengths to unlock their full potential as leaders.

By shifting the focus from fixing weaknesses to amplifying strengths, these modules empower participants to lead themselves well, so that they can in turn cultivate a culture of excellence, engagement, and innovation within their teams and organizations.

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What We'll Cover

This course covers seven teaching modules on the below topics:

  • Resilience – a definition
  • Inside the research on well-being
  • Resilience bank account
  • How resilience works
  • The business case for boundaries
  • Confronting burnout
  • Alignment to purpose
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4 Reasons Why Leaders Need
to Focus on Resilience


Navigating Change and Uncertainty

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, leaders are constantly faced with new challenges and uncertainties. Focusing on resilience enables leaders to:

Adapt Quickly: Resilient leaders can quickly adjust to new circumstances, ensuring their teams stay productive and motivated despite changes.

Maintain Stability: By staying calm and composed during turbulent times, resilient leaders provide a sense of stability and reassurance to their teams.

Make Informed Decisions: Resilient leaders are better equipped to make thoughtful, informed decisions in the face of uncertainty, leading to better outcomes for their organizations.


Sustaining Long-Term Performance

Leadership is not just about achieving short-term goals but sustaining high performance over the long term. Resilience helps leaders to:

Prevent Burnout: By managing stress effectively and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, resilient leaders avoid burnout and stay energized.

Enhance Productivity: Resilient leaders can maintain high levels of productivity and efficiency even during challenging periods.

Foster Continuous Improvement: With a resilient mindset, leaders are more likely to embrace continuous learning and improvement, driving long-term success.


Inspiring and Empowering Teams

Resilient leaders serve as role models for their teams, inspiring and empowering them to overcome obstacles. This focus on resilience enables leaders to:

Build Team Resilience: By demonstrating resilience, leaders encourage their teams to develop the same mindset, creating a more robust and adaptable workforce.

Enhance Team Morale: Resilient leaders boost team morale by showing that challenges can be overcome and that setbacks are opportunities for growth.

Promote a Positive Culture: A resilient leader fosters a positive organizational culture where


Driving Innovation and Growth

Resilient leaders are better positioned to drive innovation and growth within their organizations. By focusing on resilience, leaders can:

Encourage Risk-Taking: Resilient leaders are more willing to take calculated risks and pursue innovative ideas, knowing they can handle potential setbacks.

Cultivate Creativity: A resilient mindset allows leaders to view challenges as opportunities for creative problem-solving and innovation.

Achieve Strategic Goals: By staying focused and determined, resilient leaders can navigate obstacles and align their efforts with the organization’s strategic goals, driving sustained growth and success.

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About Your Teacher

With decades of leadership experience, Laurie Baedke knows how demanding it is to lead an organization. She blends empathy with practical tools that help leaders and organizations thrive at work and life – because you deserve both.

Laurie is a sought after expert, keynote speaker, and facilitator at private client events. Popular topics include: 

  • Leadership performance
  • Mentorship, sponsorship, & coaching
  • Resilience and well-being

Chart the course to exceptional leadership with the support of a trusted guide. Gain greater confidence and more clarity so you can lead and live intentionally.

“Adversity is abundant in life and in leadership. Resilient leaders experience hardships but have the capacity to endure; to bend but not break, to learn, to grow, and to find flourishing.”

Laurie Baedke

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