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Season 2, episode 2

Leah Georges, PhD — Timeless Leadership

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Adapt and win.

Organizations, like people, can “plateau”. They must consistently, intentionally adapt to their environment. If not, complacency ensues.

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Getting to Yes

For many, the path to leadership… indispensability… success… seems littered with obstacles and delays. If you’re looking for your chance, a surefire way to get to “yes” is to be a contributor.

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A thought leader in healthcare.

Laurie is a frequent speaker at national conferences and facilitator at private client retreats, specializing in healthcare leadership, strengths based leadership, emotional intelligence, and women in leadership.

The Emerging Healthcare Leader.

In the ever-changing healthcare environment, the profession of healthcare management needs strong leaders who will rise to the challenges of today and carry organizations into the future. The Emerging Healthcare Leader: A Field Guide is an essential resource as you begin your journey from student to healthcare leader.

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