Let Me Put On My Thinking Cap…

It’s critical to have a space to do your best creative work. For some, that “space” is a place. For others, that “space” is an activity.

For me, I have two “go-to” creative outlets….

Go-to #1: My driveway. With a hose and bucket in hand, washing my car. Odd? Absofreakinglutely! But, for me, it’s what really works. I’m obsessed with a clean car. Not just clean, but an uber-detailed-toothbrush-and-Q-tip-type-clean.

Go-to #2: Running. To many, this may be considered not drudge work but punishment. For me, this activity is fabulously functional in facilitating clarity, and gives me the time and brain space to process both the creative and the complex. Like washing my car, running is mindless, while at the same time intense.  Free, but focused.

What’s your schtick? What gets you in the right place to tackle the mundane in a creative way? Or to simplify a complex challenge just enough to make it less of a mountain, and more of a molehill?

Though it may seem weird to others, if it works for you, go with it. The important thing is that you have such a place or space that brings you to the state of mind where anything is possible. 

Be intentional in setting time aside for your creative outlet.  You’ll be amazed by the results.

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