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Mentor Coach Lead Laurie Baedke

Mentor, Coach, Lead to Peak Professional Performance

This book emphasizes the significance of mentoring, coaching, and leadership for peak professional performance. It highlights the importance of being mentored, seeking coaching, and providing the same support to others. Addressing succession planning and performance enhancement, the book offers practical tools based on current literature to nurture effective engagement as mentors, coaches, and leaders, while also benefiting from such guidance in return.

Emerging Healthcare Leader Laurie Baedke

the emerging healthcare leader

In the book, my co-author Natalie and I offer practical suggestions and share anecdotes, personal stories, and valuable lessons learned from professional experiences over the past decade.

This is not your father’s (no offense, dad) management book. It’s a back pocket resource, a phone a friend lifeline, a candid glimpse into healthcare administration and leading young, and a read it and re-read it type of book!

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