I’ve been thinking a lot lately about expectations.  The expectations that others have of us, and how much they can tend to control our lives.  Why is our society so obsessed with blending in?  I too fall prey to it in certain ways.  But, as I observe our human race rabidly chasing the perceived ideal, so many are falling disengaged.  Trapped in a life they thought they wanted (career path, role, subdivision, socioeconomic class or pretense of such), yet have no true passion for.  But, now they’re trapped. 

“If I change now, people will think I’m a failure.” 

“If I opt for the unconventional, I’ll stick out like a sore thumb and then people will actually be able to see where I stack up instead of being one of the beige.” 

When we describe ourselves to others, you’d think we were the most brilliant, and innovative and unique individuals around.  The cream of the crop.  The top tenth percentile.  But let’s be honest, the grand majority (that’s the 80 percent or so that fit in the large part of the bell curve) give just enough effort to blend in.  To finish just enough work, or accomplish just enough, or produce just enough to get by.  No less.  No more.  It’s easy that way. 

But is that what you really want?

Is that the sum of your dreams and desires? 

Or is there more? 

If you are completely honest about your own expectations for you.  What.  Is.  The.  Message?  What is your goal?  What is your dream?  What is stopping you?  It’s 9:47 a.m. on a Tuesday.  No one else is going to put you there but you.

Be intentional.

Be  tenacious.  Be resilient, and undeterred by doubters, and haters, and naysayers.

Mark Twain: “When you find yourself in the majority, then is the time to stop and think.”

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