Branching Out: Expanding Your Network With One Small Habit

Lots of times people fixate on their bad habits (hello latte fixation and procrastination). Oh wait, I digress…..

Throughout this blog, I’d like to share some healthy habits to get hooked on.

Yesterday, I gave you some tips for making connections. On the networking front, sometimes the smallest actions, when repeated over and over, become very potent habits. One thing that works for me is to leverage each contact to expand my network. At the end of many networking conversations, I often ask the new contact for their recommendation of two or three other folks he or she may know that might be helpful for me to connect with or to whom I could possibly lend value. I’m not saying that each and every time this tactic will bear fruit and result in a valuable or relevant connection. But often you will strike gold by simply asking the question. It’s a surefire way to extend the branches on your networking tree.

Bear in mind: Don’t just take. You want to provide value as well, so return the favor. Be helpful and suggest other connections for your new contact—those you feel might benefit your new colleague.

A broad and powerful network is arguably one of the most valuable assets in your career arsenal.

Are you intentionally growing and maintaining yours?

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