Make Like Sherlock Holmes: Find the Clues to Your Strengths

We’ve established the power of leveraging your strengths or innate talents. But it’s not that easy, is it, to know exactly where our true gifts reside?

Your answer to the following questions serve as clues, and will help you to identify your true strengths.

It’s kind of like an eye exam: which one is clearer, #1 or #2?

If one of these two items energizes you, amps you up, or you’re just naturally drawn to the activity, it’s probably an area of talent. Conversely, the one that is not as appealing, or drains you is likely not an area of strength.

Look at your answer to these questions as a guide – your road map to your final destination – your strengths!

#1 – Being around people

#2 – Quiet time alone


#1 – Fixing something broken

#2 – Building something new from scratch


#1 – Complexity

#2 – Simplicity


#1 – Take it slow

#2 – Let’s gooooooooooo!!


#1 – Tactical

#2 – Conceptual


#1 – Things to come

#2 – Things gone past

If you’re a person that is energized by being around lots of other people, that’s a clue. Seek out those opportunities where you can interact and work the crowd. Play up your strengths in that arena.

Conversely, if working the crowd drains you, why would you want to constantly throw yourself in those situations? Perhaps you’re drawn to smaller groups, or one-on-one interaction, and find your greatest engagement and rejuvenation when the vibe is more mellow. Your ability to win others over comes when you can organically establish rapport and earn trust.

Why not focus on your strengths zone, or sweet spot? Once you’re aware of it, you can intentionally leverage your efforts against those activities that come naturally to you, and where you have a greater propensity for success.

Knowing our strengths doesn’t mean we ignore our weaknesses, or even that it’s impossible for us to contribute in those areas. Not at all. However, it is likely that it takes a more applied effort to achieve success, which is probably “more draining”, whereas our strengths are where we thrive and have the strongest performance and engagement.

The better you know yourself: how you process, what you’re drawn toward, where you have the greatest “edge”, the more engaged and successful you will be.

So, go get’ em – find your strengths!



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