Getting to Yes

For many, the path to leadership……indispensability……success….seems littered with obstacles and delays.

You yearn to run, but you feel fenced in.

You’re revving your engine, but the light hasn’t turned green.

If you’re looking for your chance, a surefire way to get to “yes” is to be a contributor.

Organizations are filled with people who lack the willingness to step up. Critics. Cynics. Standers by.

But we’re ready for you to show initiative.

Know your strengths. Find ways to contribute that align with your natural skills and abilities and interests.

Define a problem.

Identify a solution.

Seek out opportunities.

Add value.

Take ownership.

But, keep a team mentality. In the words of legendary coach, Pat Riley; “Being a part of success is more important than being personally indispensable.”



Be a doer.

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