Who is the Captain of Your Destiny?

I urge you to look at your watch. What time is it?

It’s not the specific time that’s important here, really. Consider this: It’s 9:43 a.m. (or _:__). At this moment, I would venture to guess that no one else on this planet is thinking specifically about how they can advance you or drive your personal or professional success.

No one else is in charge of your destiny.

No one else is thinking, “How can I best position your name goes here to get what she/he wants in life?”

That’s. Your. Job.

It’s on you, my friends.

Too often, we let three key “barriers” that get in the way of our realizing that vision:

  • One, we feel entitled. We’re waiting for someone else to help us get to our destination.
  • Two, we’re waiting for permission. In reality, all we need to do is ask.
  • Three, we’re scared. We must build the courage to block out the voices telling us we can’t and just go for it.

Remember: It’s 9:43. No one else is in charge of what happens next but you. Make the most of it.


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