Swagger, Don’t Schlep, By Association

Stop slumming around!

It sounds harsh, but I’ve told you before that you become the company that you keep, right?

Think about it. It kinda feels good to be the “best,” “the big dog,” “the cool kid” in a group or circle. You feel better about yourself. Even if you’ve had a disappointing day or project, you have that group to lean on because you are still “BETTER THAN THEY ARE”.

Snap out of it! As much as you may feel like you don’t measure up, I encourage you to develop networks and associate with individuals that work at least as hard, and are at least as driven as you are.

THOSE individuals will inspire you to be better.

Being the “best” of the bottom of the barrel won’t win you any awards. But surrounding yourself with the “best” will inspire you to get to that place of achievement.

Don’t schlep by association.

Those with hustle, who make things happen, will keep you on your “A” game.

When I’m tempted to put a project to bed for the night and veg out in front of the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Insert Suburb Here” I know someone in my circle is still on their grind. It pushes me to do the same. They sure as heck are not going to out-work me!

It’s OK to think of yourself as being “Kind of a Big Deal” from time to time. It doesn’t mean you’re full of yourself.

Trust me. You hang out with peeps who make your nerves dance a bit…..whose game is sharp and who drive you to push yourself harder…you’ll feel good, but you’ll always be looking up to people you admire.

It’s about networking up.

Sometimes, you need only look at your friends or professional associates to see a reflection of your own confidence. Have the confidence to know that you’re “good enough” to run with groups that are going someplace good, as opposed to those going nowhere.

You don’t have to know Jay-Z to know someone with seemingly endless Jay Z-like swag and ambition.

Seek them out. Channel your inner mogul — with a little help from your friends!


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