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Growth Edge Leadership Podcast

Growth Edge Leadership Podcast

Hosted by: Laurie Baedke

A leadership podcast sharing insights from peak performers and top leaders on stepping outside of your comfort zone, overcoming adversity, and growing personally and professionally in order to achieve success.


S3 E4 - Stephanie Sharp - Effective Negotiation

Season #3 Episode #4

As an attorney to healthcare  professionals, Stephanie, among other things, advises professionals on the art of negotiation. While the term “negotiation” sounds scary and intimidating to many, Stephanie argues that,...
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S3 E5 - Josh White - Coach’s Corner - Elevating Performance with Coaching

Season #3 Episode #5

Today we’re speaking with Josh White for the third installment of the Coach’s Corner. Today we cover what coaching is, what it isn’t, and why so many companies have seen that it pays to provide employees with...
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S3 E6 - Sasha Shillcutt, MD, MS, Founder of Brave Enough - #MoreThanOne

Season #3 Episode #6

We all know there’s a gender gap. You may have already taken steps to make sure there’s a woman on your committee, that there’s a woman or person of color candidate for the new job, that there’s a woman on you...
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S3 E7 - Nicole Bianchi - Bravership

Season #3 Episode #7

Brave -- it’s not a quality we often hear in business and leadership, but it’s the quality that Nicole Bianchi, founder of Bravium Human Development, believes is most lacking in today’s leaders. In a culture that’s...
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Kelly Cawcutt, MD, MS — on Imposter Syndrome

Season #3 Episode #8

Dr. Kelly Cawcutt was a guest on the Growth Edge a few weeks ago, and -- lucky us -- she’s back for an encore interview. This time we’re discussing imposter syndrome.  Let’s set the scene. Kelly had been invited to...
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Jagi Gill, MD, PhD — on the Realities of Entrepreneurship

Season #3 Episode #9

Why would anyone leave a position at Mayo Clinic to do something new? Does that actually happen in real life? That's exactly what Dr. Jagi Gill did when he joined Boston Scientific and later launched and sold a sports...
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Carol Friesen, FHFMA — Creating Your Own Opportunities

Season #3 Episode #10

Today Carol is the northern region CEO for OSF HealthCare in Illinois. She started out in -- wait for it -- finance. Carol’s career path is an atypical and varied one, and she got where she is today by seizing...
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#WIMSummit 2019 Behind the Scenes -- Shikha Jain, MD, FACP

Season #3 Episode #11

Recorded at the 2019 Women in Medicine Summit, Dr. Shikha Jain, course cofounder and codirector, gives us an overview of the Summit, why it exists, why it matters, and what it means for Monday morning when you’re back...
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#WIMSummit 2019 Behind the Scenes — Caprice Greenberg, MD

Season #3 Episode #12

In 2017 Dr. Caprice Greeberg’s Academic Surgical Congress address about the gender gap in medicine, “Sticky Floors and Glass Ceilings,” went viral. Her address at the 2019 WIM Summit, “Stop Fixing Women,” continued...
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#WIMSummit 2019 Behind the Scenes — Dana Corriel, MD

Season #3 Episode #13

Internist Dr. Dana Corriel discovered her creative side when she took some time off after the birth of her third child. And when she looked to social media for an outlet, she found what she needed...and so much more....
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Mary Rensel, M.D. — Healthy Brain Habits for Busy Professionals

Season #3 Episode #14

The brain is a power center of our very beings. We want it to be as healthy as possible to support us, not only today, but for years and decades to come. Dr. Mary Rensel, neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic, reminds...
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Carrie Koh — Transforming Toxic Environments

Season #3 Episode #15

Carrie Koh — Transforming Toxic Environments   Carrie Koh, a former Mayo Clinic healthcare executive, changed career paths after working through a family tragedy. During the healing process, priorities came into...
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