Make Today “Board of Advisers Appreciation Day”!

Two weeks ago, I told you about my personal “Board of Advisors.” These individuals have, because of various relationship dynamics, personality traits, experiences or positions, contributed to my personal and professional development in different ways. But they all represent positive forces in my life.

I’ve told you before about the importance of even the seemingly smallest of gestures, like dropping a note card in the mail or sending an email to keep contacts current and fresh. But sometimes it’s easy to overlook showing gratitude for those people who have always been there. Perhaps, with time, you do start to take them for granted. As I was writing about how each of these people has positively impacted my life, I thought about how important it was for them to hear that directly from me. So I sat down yesterday, and I told them as much in a handwritten note.

It was one thing to document for the world to see how much these “advisors” have played a part in my life, but it’s quite another to tell them directly. When was the last time you got a nice, handwritten thank you note? Doesn’t it mean the world – certainly better than another bill or credit card offer?

It is important that not only do you express gratitude to new connections, but that you bolster existing ones. You are never too connected or too solid in a relationship to not thank these individuals who have contributed so much in your life.

Grab a pen, light up the keyboard, or make a call……let a board member know the impact they have had on you today.

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