Give Your Muse a Road Map, Courtesy of Hard Work

I’d like to say one of the most telling statements I’ve heard in a long time was my idea.

But it wasn’t.

That statement – “the muse honors the working stiff” – actually belongs to novelist Steven Pressfield in his book “The War of Art”.

Taking on the process of writing and the inevitable writer’s block, Pressfield reminds us that, if we sit around and wait for inspiration to descend upon us, we may be waiting forever. Nothing will get done. But if we dig in when we don’t feel like it or feel like whatever we’re producing at the time is less than profound, that’s when things happen.

The muse doesn’t honor those who succumb to fear. Or procrastination. Or small thinking.

Shove out any damaging ideas that represent obstacles in the way of your muse. Those ideas may include: “This project is too big.” “I can’t do _______.” “This concept stinks!”

The working stiff simply brushes those counterproductive Negative Nellies off his or her shoulder.

Ultimately, inspiration will come to those who show up, day in and day out, even (and especially) on the days when he | she is least inspired.

Fill that empty page with anything.


It doesn’t have to be the Great American Novel or The Next Big Thing. Just continue to produce, because the consistent plugging away that so characterizes the working stiff begets success.

Your muse will ultimately find you.



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