Finding the “Green” On Your Side of the Grass

You’ve seen them — those people enthusiastically pursuing their passions. They always seem so happy. On the whole, they are. But they work their butts off. They have bad days. They want to strangle their partners, employees or clients; however, they keep pushing. They keep fighting. They keep working at it. They make it work because they refuse to let it fall apart. They love the whole of it more than they hate the individual struggles.

Perspective makes the difference.

Attitude is our choice. I can assure you that no one (absolutely NO ONE) has a perfect life | job | family | relationship, etc. But those who choose to make the best of what they are given tend to have the “best” lives.

I’ll borrow from Dale Carnegie (How to Win Friends & Influence People): “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.”

No success is without its share of behind-the-scenes tears, sweat and near-breakdowns.

Real life isn’t a Hollywood-style fairytale.

But if you’re pursuing what you truly love, you’ll gladly take the struggles others don’t seem to see with the joys that your source of passion brings.

Live your dream. Embrace the journey. Make the best of every moment.



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