Excellence in Leadership: It’s All in the Technique

Set aside whatever notions you may have been sold about the “perfect leader.” He | she doesn’t exist. Excellence in leadership is personal and unique to you. It’s also not a concept, but a set of techniques and behaviors.

When you think of outstanding professionals in various fields – from sales to medicine – no doubt many different types of people come to mind. Sure, these individuals may share some of the same characteristics of determination and unwavering work ethic but, all in all, there are many standout traits that have contributed to their being the cream of the crop. These outstanding performers come in all shapes and sizes (call it the “Tebow effect”), yet still all manage to be highly successful in their own, highly personal ways.

If you’re a leader, I’m asking you to pass along the techniques and strategies you have employed throughout your professional journey. Seek out ways to share your insights on what has worked for you over the years with other professionals you see as having high potential.

To those emerging leaders out there, the ones so full of potential: Realize, that because there are so many different types of leaders, it’s important to seek out the perspectives of many individuals. Network. Ask questions. Find out what techniques have worked for leaders that you admire, and observe behaviors that drive success.

Take notes, and you’ll be able to intertwine these suggestions to develop a game plan that works best for your personality and career path.



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