Desperately Seeking Cheerleaders

Critics are really easy to find. We don’t have to search for them. They’re the ones who are quick to take the steam out of your dreams – sometimes simply because they’ve fallen short of theirs.

We must seek out cheerleaders. I’m not talking about the accountability partners who “keep you honest” and call you out for your own good – so you remain on task.

I’m talking about those people in our lives that find the sun on the gloomiest of days, the beauty in the most horrible of surroundings, the positives in the greatest of disappointments.

Like accountability partners, they push us – but the methods these “Rah-Rah” types employ are different. They’re not only available but enthusiastic about brushing us off and giving us the sincerest, most encouraging words when we fall down.

They believe in us.

They understand our dreams.

And, they support us unconditionally.

I rewind in my mind to the last few, painful miles of a race when I don’t possibly have any more juice within me to go on. Then I see my personal cheerleaders in the crowd, calling my name and shouting words of encouragement. Suddenly, I have magically sprouted wings on my feet and I’m back on course.

Few things in life are guaranteed, but mistakes and failure are certain. If you aspire to greatness, you’ll undoubtedly skin your knees along the way. And when you do, it helps to have someone around to remind you that everything will be okay.

There are enough people wanting to take you down a peg or two in this world. Why not have someone in your corner who believes in you? It will do wonders for your belief in yourself.

Who’s got your back?





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