Conquering the Battle That Is Simply “Showing Up”

As many of my loyal readers know, I love to run (usually). And if you’re a runner as well, you’ve probably heard that true-ism: “The hardest part of a run is just getting out the door.”

I have been reminded of that in recent weeks. We all go through slumps, right? And I have most definitely been in a slump on the workout front. It’s frustrating, because usually I look forward to my workouts – not only once a day, but maybe even twice a day. I love being in that rhythm that comes with effortlessly flying out the door day in and day out, and it’s been said (by Runner’s World in its most recent issue, no less) that it takes no time at all to develop a habit – just three weeks. I hope it doesn’t take that long to get BACK INTO a habit!

Of course, this concept – that half the battle is showing up – can be applied to a lot of facets and aspects of our lives. It may be tough to motivate ourselves to go to the workplace we typically love from time to time. It’s only natural. We need to push ourselves to be present at times. And once we’re present, it can still be tough. During a run, for example, the moment I start putting one foot in front of the other doesn’t mean I have suddenly channeled my inner Chopra. Sometimes it can take 10 minutes or longer just to get into that groove. But at least I’m out there struggling through it, as opposed to foregoing the run altogether only to feel more miserable later for NOT going out the door – as miserable as the thought of hitting the pavement may have seemed at the time.

How do you persuade your body (or brain) into saying “Yes,” when they keep screaming, “No!”?



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