Channeling Your Inner Four Year Old

How many times have you heard a young child cry out, “Look at me!” or insist “Watch this!”?

Be it their athletic prowess or a new drawing or creation, children shrug off self-consciousness and are very forthright in their need for approval and praise.

Somewhere along the way, maybe into our teen years or early adulthood, we pick up a lot of insecurities and also drop the outward manifestation of that need for approval.

It’s just not politically or socially correct to be so “out there” about our desire to be noticed for our accomplishments.

The truth is, whether we like to admit it or not, we all have that need to receive recognition – or at least some feedback to solidify that we matter and our contributions haven’t gone unnoticed.

As leaders, we need to keep in mind that the craving to celebrate successes and commend contributions doesn’t have an age limit. So make sure you’re giving your team members the affirmation they need.

Likewise, as a professional, you’re not alone or somehow strange in your desire to be acknowledged or praised. Reach out for feedback and validation from select, credible and objective sources, because it may not be offered voluntarily.

Everyone has an “inner child” who wants to be celebrated when celebration is due.  So, go ahead — unleash your inner four-year-old!



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