Be a GOal-Getter

What does it mean to be a goal-getter?

If you’re thinking that some people were just born to be winners, you’re only grasping a tiny part of the bigger concept. Sure, we’re all born with different tolerances and personalities. But strategy also comes into play, as even the most talented among us will go nowhere without the foresight and determination to execute a plan that will get that talent harnessed and | or noticed.

The path goal-getters use to get to that destination includes four steps:

  1. Define the goal. It’s not enough to think you know what you want. You need to clearly articulate what you’re after.
  2. Establish the process. Likewise, you can’t just say you’re going to run a marathon, or lose weight, or save $_______. How will you get there? How much will you sock away each day, each week? Where will you invest? What exact changes to your nutritional habits are you going to make? How many miles will you log the first week, the second? Overall, what specific methods or activities will you employ to achieve the goal you defined so clearly in No. 1?
  3. Execute. Let the process be your guide. Go day by day to put the methods, activities, and behavior or habit changes into motion.
  4. Measure progress. Little by little, you’re getting closer to your goal. You just may not realize how close you are to that end unless you stay on top of where you’re at in the implementation of the process. By managing your progress, you’ll also be able to more effectively and efficiently reach your goal as you can make adjustments as necessary based off of how well (or poorly) you are executing the plan.

“Goal-getters” by their very definition are known for execution. Those with the “gets” require constant, unrelenting focus and action toward that end goal. These do-ers make unpleasant sacrifices in the moment, knowing in retrospect (with goal obtained) the sacrifices will seem small.

Without a plan to adhere to, your goal is just a dream. You don’t “do” much of anything. But when you mix the plan (and all the perseverance, steel will and diligence that goes with it) and that goal, you have a potent combination.

Dreams stay in your head. But diligently executed plans take you places.






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