Be a “Go Get ‘Em” Leader in a World Full of “Couldn’t Care Less”

You know what the world desperately needs? People who are willing to step up and take accountability.

To seek out responsibility.

And to take initiative.

Our organizations are filled with people flying under the radar. Hiding out in their cubicles. Slouching in the back of the conference room.

It’s a cop-out to play the blame game. Sure, the other department could have gotten you the report more quickly. Or, just because it’s acceptable for someone else to put forth mediocre effort is not a good reason for you to sink to that level also.

Unfortunately, the “pass the buck” mentality is rampant in our society. Look in any direction and you’ll see a blatant disregard for personal obligations – be it, in marriage relationships, as it relates to financial wellbeing, or in people’s sense of obligation to their employers. This is replicated on a more significant scale in our corporations, and even in our government.

If this sounds depressing, think again.

When I observe chronic apathy, I see an opportunity to shine — a chance to step up and stand out.

And those individuals who will accept accountability and drive change are what our households, our organizations and our society is starved for.

Take the initiative, resist status quo and you’ll be a hero for your “world”.

You’ll be handed the keys to the city.

Because those “keys” don’t get handed to just anyone, ask yourself the following:

  • Am I modeling accountability in my personal and professional roles?
  • What can I do TODAY to take initiative?
  • How can I learn new ways to be enterprising and resourceful?

Leaders practice the accountability that drives results. Be a real leader, and go get ‘em.


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