A New Chapter

Yesterday was a milestone day in my career. I turned the page on a new chapter, and spent my first day as the Chief Brand Officer at Centennial Bank.

What’s a Chief Brand Officer, you ask? Well, from a tactical perspective, this position will have me overseeing all matters related to organizational culture, brand strategy, and business development for the bank.

In simple terms, however, I describe my role as one part architect + one part team psychologist + and one part network builder.

For the past 10 years, I have enjoyed life as an entrepreneur. I founded a consulting firm as a fresh-faced 25 year old, and have been blessed with amazing opportunities to work with outstanding clients; health systems, physicians, professional associations, entrepreneurs, design firms, advertising agencies, and so many more. While my book of business evolved significantly from management consulting to professional speaking and leadership development strategy, I can honestly say that I have “loved my job” each and every step of the way. And, the flexibility that I’ve had while raising young children has been a priceless luxury.

As terrifying as it is to venture into an entirely new industry, this position is a brilliant fit for me.

Culture. Brand experience. Cultivating growth. This is my wheelhouse.

These are my passions, and I am joining a team of colleagues who “get it”, and are double-knotting their tennis shoes for a journey to the top!

In the book of any individual’s life, each day is a fresh page. Some stories are filled with suspense and action and thrilling success. Others read of failure and disappointment. The tears and the smiles, the laughter and the pain, the individuals who travel alongside you….these are ingredients of a life well lived.

Here’s to spilling ink on many new experiences!

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