A Little Less Conversation…….

You know how the rest of it goes:  “ … a little more action.” The King (sang) it best. But we need to live this mantra best.

The importance of doing and not (exclusively) dreaming surfaced yet again the other day as I was chatting with a colleague about a recent “bucket list” goal that I had accomplished, that of achieving the distinction of ACMPE (American College of Medical Practice Executives) Fellow. This achievement happened the opposite of overnight, in that I spent so many years just thinking and wanting to complete the Fellowship, but not really doing anything about it. Finally it was time to make like Elvis and talk less, do more (I’m incredibly adept at the former…..the latter is always much more challenging!!!).

It’s so easy as an individual or as a team or as an entire organization to dream about our wants and needs. But when it comes to implementation, aye, there’s the rub.

At some point, if we do want to achieve those dreams that will improve our circumstances and better our lives and the lives of others, we have to deliver on all the things we’ve simply talked about or put to whiteboard. The delivery can no doubt be painful and ugly. I think of all the late nights I put in while researching and writing the whitepaper required to attain Fellowship status. I realized in those wee hours that these were the moments I had been dreading – the reasons “why” I had put off the actual act of doing and settled for just talking for so long. I clenched my teeth, worked my way through it and, thanks to the power of retrospection, it wasn’t so bad.

It never is.

It only feels like our dreams are unreachable when we talk about them for so long that we create a mountain from a molehill. Our psyches make the possible seem impossible.

But in order to accomplish any goal, you have to put your $$$ where your mouth is.

Want to run a marathon? It takes a lot of training.

Want to lose weight? Gonna have to change your lifestyle.

Want to get out of debt? Spend less than you earn.

It’s not fun to feel like we’re depriving ourselves, be it of personal comfort, tasty food, material indulgences, or even time spent with friends and family.

But in the end that’s what we need to do if we really want to walk the talk and become more financially, physically or professionally fit.

Perhaps another “King” in his own right said it best: “Do or do not … there is no try.” (Yoda).






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